General Submission Guidelines

This article cover guidelines on preparing your Item for submission to DMartify.

1. Item quality standards

Before you upload your Item ensure that you validate your Item as per DMartify item quality standards. Your code and design quality that represents the latest and best practices in the industry. Specific item quality standards guideline & submission

2. Organize and save your main file(s)

Organize your folder(s) and file(s) structure so that it is easy to understand, view so that buyers are able to easily edit your file. The more easy to editable your file is, the more valuable it is to buyers.

3. Check your Item assets

Organize properly your Item assets to easily understand and modify, also make sure you have included all the requires assets in Item .zip file. Make sure you have the right to use any of your Item assets in a commercial purpose. 

4. Item Documentation

We recommend you to add Documentation file with your item .zip that can be helpful for usage.Documentation should include simple instructions on installation, customization and use, written in English and formatted as a .pdf, .doc, .txt, or HTML document. Note: Your documentation should be prepare for beginner level user. Do not assume that the buyer of your item has any significant level of coding knowledge.

5. Prepare Item for submission

Before start submission of your Item, prepare for the following points

Points Requirements
Item Name
  • Maximum 50 characters limit & must be unique on DMartify
  • Should always be short, meaningful and professional looking
  • Always follow the format [unique name] [separator] [tag line]

Note: Acceptable separators: Hyphen (-), colon (:), vertical bar (|) and tilde (~) Ex: Item Name – Responsive Portfolio Theme, Item – WordPress Business Theme

Item Description
  • This field is used for search, so please be descriptive!
  • Description must be well formated and effective
  • Description must contain bulletpoint lists of item attributes, features and usages
  • Description must contain third-party assets attribution links used in the construction of the item.
Item Pricing
  • Your Item Your Price – Set your item price yourself
  • Item price must be competitive
  • Add item price according to DMartify Licenses term , leave blank for specific license if you don’t want to include.
Item Featured Image
  • Must be 675 x 475 pixels in 24-bit PNG format. Maximum file size is 512KB
  • You can add marketing text, item features & screenshots
Item Preview Images
  • ZIP file of images (png/jpg) and optional text descriptions for display on the item page. The maximum file size allowed is 10MB.
  • Must exactly represent the item for sale at its latest approved version
  • It is recommended that you watermark the images in your live preview images for Template & Graphics category.
  • You must have to add Item preview images .zip file for Template & Graphics category item submission (In case of those item live preview is not possible)
Item Live Preview
  • You must have to add Item live demo link for Themes & Script category item submission (optional for Template & Graphics category)
  • Must exactly represent the item for sale at its latest approved version.
  • Must not remove the DMartify preview frame or contain a separate frame that is not part of the item.
  • Must not advertise items for sale outside of DMartify or contain any other form of 3rd-party advertising.
Item Main File(s)
  • All files .zip for buyers, not including preview images. The maximum file size allowed is 100MB.
Item Attributes
  • You must have to add item required attribute as per item category
  • Select N/A or leave blank if any of the attribute value is not applicable to your item
Item Tags
  • Maximum of 15 keywords covering usage, features, and styling.
  • Keywords should all be in lowercase and separated by commas. e.x. responsive, one page, business, portfolio, html

6. Final Steps

Check that your Item Name, description, preview images, demo link, attributes and tags follow our standards. Put your finished item and all supporting information into a single zipped folder.

All set, Let’s

Upload your Item to DMartify!